Why Choose Braemar?

Located in beautiful bushland setting, Braemar College provides a unique nurturing community in which your child can grow and flourish.

We have a proven history of academic success, but we also offer vocational training opportunities, and extensive arts and sporting programs.

We understand that learning is individual and that students develop at different rates and in different ways. So we focus on how young people learn and our programs are designed to meet the needs of different learning styles, talents and interests.

We foster an environment of tolerance and support, and we recognise and celebrate achievements while encouraging students to constantly seek out and explore new avenues of opportunity.

We pride ourselves on our contemporary approach to education and were one of the first schools in Australia to issue iPads to all students and staff. These have become an integral and effective part of our learning programs.

We provide our students with the skills and outlook to become active contributors to the community, developing an understanding of their own place and role in society.

At Braemar College, every student is valued and respected and encouraged to develop personal attributes of integrity, leadership, adaptability and mutual respect towards each other, teachers and the wider community.

We support our young people to become resilient, independent learners who develop a life-long love for learning.


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