USA Basketball Tour 2015

Combine Game

Close game against Combine school Charlotte North Carolina.

We lost in over time by 1. The Combine players were a very friendly group of boys aspiring to achieve College basketball scholarships.

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Hunter College Game

Game in New York against Hunter College.
Both verses of our national anthem sung with pride. Boys won both games

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New York City

Our basketball players have arrived in New York City.

Since arriving, the group has been doing some  sightseeing.


Ground zero NYC was a moving experience for our students.


They were lucky to be invited to go court side with the Houston Rockets.


It was a unique experience for our students who were able to watch the NBA players warm up. Not everyone gets to be this close to Dwight Howard and the team.

Braemar Girls’ Basketball Success

Claire Klusik and Jordyn McIntosh were part of the Southern Cross Star girls team who won 41-30 against Georgetown High.



Just about to land in NYC. Big week ahead with a game and school day at Hunter College, community work at a Harlem food bank and 9/11 memorial tour.

Thank you Texas for your hospitality, especially Coney Keck for organising our family stays.

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Our Basketball team made the news on local television in Texas.

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Our basketball players have been to watch some great games since arriving in the United States.

NCAA College game – Arlington Texas


Dallas Cowboys game and breakfast beforehand.


At Tullamarine airport 1 December

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Last training and team photos before flying out to Dallas Texas tomorrow.


Claire Klusik and Jordyn Mcintosh are travelling with the group but playing with a combined Australian girls team, Peninsular Southern Stars.


Our players have been training hard for their upcoming basketball tour of the USA.

Braemar basketball t-shirt frontThey recently took delivery of their team t-shirts.

Thanks to our all our wonderful sponsors who have helped make this trip possible. Braemar Basketball shirt back

Our Braemar College basketball players are looking forward with anticipation to their upcoming USA basketball tour departing 1 December.

We’ll be playing some great teams at some amazing venues.

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Raleigh Hawkes. One of the teams we will play.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.49.08 am

Hunter College NYC. We play here.

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This is the school we play our Texas tournament at.

Thanks to our sponsors, Kieser Training, Community Initiated Solutions and Williamsons Foodworks who are making this trip possible.