Cross country

Braemar College offers students a diverse range of sporting opportunities throughout their College life.

While the College offers mainstream sports like cricket, football, basketball, badminton, swimming, tennis, hockey and athletics, we also provide opportunities for students to explore other areas of interest.

Snow sports

Our snow sports, orienteering, mountain bike orienteering, equestrian  and fencing teams also offer opportunities to participate for fun, or be involved in competitions on a team or  individual basis.

A number of our students have had success in state and national competitions in a variety of sports..

Our Snow Sports team

At Braemar College,  all students participate in sport through swimming, athletics, orienteering and cross country house carnivals.

Students in years 7 to 12 can develop their skills and go on to further competition through athletics, swimming, cross country and  sports days.

Fencing tournament

Our trained phys ed staff have practical experience in the areas they teach and many have competed at state level in their chosen sports.


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