Nepal 2015

Some images from Nepal 2015.

12346520_951570768255551_9058748710995873413_n 12359957_951570714922223_1635676467413017642_n 12360034_951570794922215_6246996395657263119_n 12366223_951570314922263_6776064573398091845_n 12376224_951570544922240_8745754135152392000_n

Thank you to our sponsors who made the trip such a great success.

The children at the Ghat School will greatly benefit from the hard work and donations that Braemar has provided. Due to the money raised and the work completed the school will have a new building for a library / computer room.

Final ipadio broadcasts 2015

Heading Home

“The journey south begins !!

Final photo at the Radisson. On our way to the airport thanks Mani Chhetri and the crew at World Expeditions.”


Last Night in Kathmandu

Last night in Kathmandu. Happy to be out of tents and in a warm bed. All students keen to get home and see their families after a wonderful trekking experience. Thanks to Marni Putri our leader along with World Expeditions.

12360128_948375018575126_9194513248082403689_n 12360401_948374888575139_2765137259956656371_n 12310430_948374911908470_5087173174006673162_n

Audio from Kathmandu:–33rd-phonecas

7 December

“All safely now at the Radisson in Kathmandu.”

“First flight safely in Kathmandu. Second flight 30 minutes behind.”

“All safely at Lukla. Big day of walking. Tired, sad and happy all mixed in together.”

6 December

An audio update from Ned.–32nd-phonecast

Text from Russell:
“Walk to Lukla today. 7 to 8 hours ahead. Waking up to fine skies and cold morning. Miss having the big mountains in the rear view mirror today. One sore ankle but all are looking forward to the final days walk.”

An update from Hamish.–31st-phonecast

“Safely at Namchee. All are well. Weather came in this afternoon but all good.”

4 December

Well two weeks after they left, the group are on the way down the mountain again.

Text from Russell: “All safely to deBouche from LaBouche. Big walk today but losing altitude 1160m today. Headaches and other symptoms are now disappearing. All are well. Weather has been kind. Strong wind overnight abated and gave way to beautiful day.”

Base camp 2015 – Kala Patthar

“Woke up to snowy surrounds, but clear skies. Group walked the extra distance to Kala Patthar 5545m. Everest in the background 3 kilometres higher than us. Awesome effort by all students.”


Arrival at Base Camp

Long & Lat update and text message from Russell;
“At base camp. all good. be proud of these young people ”

Lat+27.998766 Lon+086.848216 Alt +5300 m (8s ago) 02-Dec-2015 08:19:28 UTC


2 December 

Here’s an audio update from Jack in Lobuche, also some stunning photos from the trek yesterday.

Audio update


1 December

Audio Update
Tom, in Dingboche, enjoy!

Location Update

From Dingboche
Lat+27.890316 Lon+086.826650 Alt +4296 m (1s ago) 30-Nov-2015 08:54:46 UTC


30 November

Update from Russell

“”Up and ready to go. Still some sore tummies but this is part of the altitude. We are well looked after so all is well. Walking to dingbouche so a big walk today. We will be going bisstari bisstari ( slowly slowly). Weather is clear with some patchy cloud. Saw Everest for the first time on the trip yesterday. Beautiful.”

Last night’s audio from Clancy in Debouche.–29th-phonecast

And a text from Russell:

“Great day. All safely at Debouche. Pizza for dinner delivered to a rousing cheer from all.  Cold night ahead.”

29 November

“At Tyanboche. hard day. having a game of cricket with the monks. all are well.”

Lat+27.835750 Lon+086.763883 Alt +3973 m (21s ago) 29-Nov-2015 08:50:11 UTC


Audio from Tanisha.–28th-phonecast


Pictures from acclimatisation walk and Namche Bazar.


Lat+27.814133 Lon+086.715966 Alt +3905 m (5m26s ago) 28-Nov-2015 04:47:52 UTC


Updates from Russell 28 November

“All good. Acclimatisation walk today. Weather is fine and we can see the mountains. All are well.”

“Weather clouded over but walk was good. A sighting of Everest still eludes us. Group are well. Enjoying Namchee before we walk tomorrow.”

Namche Bazar

The group have arrived at Namche Bazar, hard to believe a week has passed since they left. 4hr hike with 700m elevation, all students finished strongly. Last 20mins to campsite was the hardest.

An audio update from Alex in Namche Bazar.–27th-phonecast

12289699_943327229079905_6392503131426008929_n 12294614_943327089079919_359514191287356692_n 12310088_943327315746563_2826890318911815579_o 12316557_943327069079921_2229417906591553972_n


Lat+27.805366 Lon+086.711783 Alt +3461 m (16s ago) 27-Nov-2015 06:27:52 UTC


Update from Russell 27 November

“Ready to walk to Namche. Big uphill today. Weather cloudy but will probably burn off when the sun comes up.”



Update 26 November


 Lat+27.769700 Lon+086.724283 Alt +3798 m (27s ago) 26-Nov-2015 07:08:50 UTC
“We are waking up with hot tea and getting ready for the walk to Monjo. Clouded over last night. All are well.”

Update from Russell 25 November

“All good at the school for our farewell program. We are Looking forward to the start of the walk. But very sad to leave the school.”

Lucy’s broadcast from Ghat School

Update from Russell

“Great welcome at the school. Dancing, tea and we played the recorders and sang the kookaburra song. The village is alive with the sounds of the recorders as the students head home. Carried sand today. Gathering materials for the new library and computer lab. Everyone is well.”

The group is currently at the Ghat school.

Here’s what they had to say:


Lat+27.727133 Lon+086.713933 Alt +4071 m (5s ago) 22-Nov-2015 09:29:21 UTC


The group has arrived in Lukla. “All well. Clear skies. Beautiful Day.”

Lat+27.688400 Lon+086.730533 Alt +2846 m (44s ago) 22-Nov-2015 04:05:41 UTC


On Friday night, our Nepal travellers departed from Tullamarine airport.

Ric Clay took these photos:IMG_5208IMG_5209IMG_5212

Today we received our first radio broadcast from the group. We hope you enjoy it.


The group has arrived in Nepal and enjoyed a fun night out.



From a peak above Namche after an acclimatization walk.
In the Ghat School after the festivities of finishing our component of the community work
In the Ghat School after the festivities of finishing our component of the community work.


Principal Russell Deer will provide regular reports via satellite phone. You can listen to them on the home page of the blog or follow the recorded broadcasts by clicking on the links below.

Please note that due to signal availability and weather conditions, it might not be possible to provide a new broadcast daily, but we will attempt bring the reports to you as soon as they become available.

Listen to satellite broadcasts from Russell and the students by clicking on the links below:

Arrival in Bangkok

Arrival in Katmandu

Arrival in Ghat

Our Nepal Community Service Work Begins

More News From Ghat School

Day 5

Farewell to Ghat School

Day 6 – Monju

Namche Bazaar

Rest Day

Day 9 – Deboche


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