Japan 2016

A group of Year 8 students is travelling to Japan these holidays to see the sights and learn about the culture.

Last Day

Last day in Japan, what an amazing adventure the students have had.

tokai-school-activities-1 tokai-school-activities-14 tokai-school-activities-5 tokai-school-activities-6 tokai-school-activities-3 tokai-school-activities-19 tokai-school-activities-18 tokai-school-activities-12 tokai-school-activities-17 tokai-school-activities-13 tokai-school-activities-15 tokai-school-activities-11 tokai-school-activities-8 tokai-school-activities-2 tokai-school-activities-10 tokai-school-activities-16 tokai-school-activities-7 tokai-school-activities-9 tokai-school-activities-4


Students visited the Golden Palace, and have arrived in Tokai City.  tokai-4 tokai-5 tokai-6 tokai-7 tokai-8 tokai-10 tokai-12 tokai-13 tokai-14 tokai-16 golden-palace-1 golden-palace-2


Out and About in Kyoto. This included a visit to the magnificent Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine.

fushimi-inari-taisha-shrine fushimi-inari-taisha-shrine-2 fushimi-inari-taisha-shrine-4 fushimi-inari-taisha-shrine-3 fushimi-inari-taisha-shrine-5 fushimi-inari-taisha-shrine-6 fushimi-inari-taisha-shrine-7 breakfast-with-chopsticks mr-deer-collage when-you-have-a-cough-on-public-transport

Audio Update 24 September

Bullet Train

A few photos of the group leaving Hakone bound for Kyoto on the Bullet Train! img_7740 img_7738 img_7737 img_7739 img_7740 img_7738 img_7737 img_7739


An action-packed day. Trains, a sailing ship and a cable car ride, finished off with a lovely dinner complete with an Australian touch!

all-aboard-hakone-2 all-aboard-hakone boarding-the-cable-car cable-car-2 cable-car dinner-menu hakone-2 hakone-3 hakone sailing-classroom sailing-ship

Update 22 September

Recording while travelling by train to Hakone.
The driver allowed a photo of his impressive drivers compartment and I have attached a photo.
Today promises more adventure with a cable car ride, a ropeway and a sailing ship also views of beautiful Mt Fuji.

enroute-to-hakone-4 enroute-to-hakone-1 drivers-seat-enroute-to-hakone enroute-to-hakone-2 enroute-to-hakone-3 train-trip-hakone

A busy and exciting time for our travellers. Rain has not dampened their spirits.img_7661 img_7662 img_7663 img_7665 img_7667 img_7668 img_7669 img_7670 img_7671

Safe arrival

Our happy travellers have arrived safely in Japan.

Audio from Japan


En route

img_7628 img_7624