iPAD Leaders

Since introducing iPads in 2011, Braemar College has received Australia wide interest for its pioneering use of technology in the classroom.

iPads are a great learning tool that allows students access to immediate, up-to-date research and learning activities.

We have become a leader in this area with many schools visiting Braemar to see our technology in action.

Chiswell  2_smlLast year, Braemar College Year 7 & 8 students  answered a call from Chiswell Primary School in Geelong to help introduce iPad technology into their classrooms.

Two staff members and twenty-two of our iPad experts set off early to make the trip.

Chiswell 1_smlThe iPad core team from Braemar College set up and ran a number of activities across different year levels.

Two of our students presented a session to parents and teachers about the daily use of iPads in the classroom.

This was followed by a question and answer session that they handled with ease.

It was a very successful day, and Scott
Mc Cumber, the Assistant Principal of Chiswell Primary School invited us to run the program again in 2014.

You can download a current iPad agreement here.


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