Braemar College Army Cadets

The Braemar College Army Cadet Unit is part of the Australian Army Cadets (AAC) – a youth development organisation with the character and the values of the Australian Army.

The AAC provides a unique opportunity for Australian youth to experience aspects of life within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) by participating in activities within a military framework.

The motto of the AAC is… ‘Courage, Initiative, Teamwork.’

Whilst the AAC has strong links to the Army, it is important to note that cadets are not in the Army. Neither is there any expectation that cadets will join the military.

5IMG_3437-2What Braemar College Cadets do

Cadets learn and practise many practical skills such as navigation, first aid, bushcraft, field engineering, radio communications and ceremonial drill (‘marching’), as well as participating in a wide range of adventure training activities including abseiling, caving, snorkelling, and canoeing.

Cadets learn about self-discipline, leadership and teamwork. They have the chance to lead others as well as learning how to follow the instructions of other cadets – under the watchful eye of senior cadets and the adult staff.

Most importantly, cadets learn about themselves. In doing so, they learn self-esteem, self-confidence and ultimately, self-reliance.

5IMG_3333-2The time commitment

Cadets parade each Wednesday night at the College from 3.45pm to 6.00pm. The Cadet Unit runs one-weekend bivouac per term, which commences on Friday night and concludes early Sunday afternoon. The Cadet Unit also takes part in one, seven-day Annual Camp (which usually takes place in the last week of Term 3).

5IMG_3543-2As they progress in their training, cadets have the opportunity to participate in various Promotion and Specialist Courses conducted by the Victorian AAC Brigade Headquarters.


As the College and/or the Army help fund much of the equipment, uniforms, and activities, the cost of participating in Cadets is just $416 per semester, reviewed annually.

5IMG_3790-2Joining Cadets

The Braemar Cadet Unit is open to both boys and girls who are currently attending Braemar College from Year 7 or above.

There are no medical restrictions placed on joining Cadets. We do, however, ask parents to be very honest in completing the medical and allergy information forms. AAC Policy requires that a doctor complete an Action Management Plan (AMP) for certain diagnosed health conditions, and if necessary, determine and document what activities a cadet should or should not participate in.

5IMG_3839-2Braemar College students interested in joining the Cadet Unit should report to the Parade Ground (the Croquet Lawn) at 3.45pm on a Wednesday that Cadets are parading. There they will be met by senior cadets and Cadet Unit staff who will give them further information including the necessary Enrolment forms.

More information about the AAC can be found at
Enquiries about Cadets at Braemar College should be directed to the Officer Commanding Captain (ACC) Braemar College Army Cadet Unit Mr Karl Manka on


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