Old Collegians



The Old Collegians is Braemar College’s alumni (past student) association.

The Old Collegians aim to foster fellowship amongst Braemar College past students while promoting the College to the broader community.

Keeping in Touch


The best way to keep up to date with the latest news, event information and nostalgia from life at Braemar is through our Braemar Old Collegians Facebook or Instagram page.

Please keep in touch with the College and update your contact details to ensure you receive all communication relating to the Old Collegians and their functions.
Records can be updated by email: oldcollegians@braemar.vic.edu.au or by phoning the College on (03) 5427 2500.

Old Collegians E-newsletter

We are currently working towards releasing an Old Collegians E-newsletter (The Kookaburra Tree) and are looking to include Old Collegians memories of their time at Braemar.
If you would like to share yours, please email them to oldcollegians@braemar.vic.edu.au – you can remain anonymous if you would like.

Share with Us

If you are aware of any Old Collegians that have done something amazing (whether it be in their careers or through community involvement) since leaving the College, please let us know; we would love to include them in our updates and mention them in our newsletter.
Please send your stories, photos or videos through to Emily at e.jones@braemar.vic.edu.au





2 thoughts on “Old Collegians

  1. Hi there
    I can’t find info on reunions for this year ie 10 year, 20 year etc.
    Are these happening this year?

    • Hi Hamish,
      I have recently taken on the role of supporting and engaging Old Collegians. There certainly will be various events held this year for Old Collegians; our facebook (facebook.com/braemarcollegeoldcollegians) and instagram (@braemaroldcollegians) pages are the best place to connect so that you can stay up to date. We will be in touch as the plans progress!
      Thanks for reaching out,

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