Braemar College Music Department:

Music is an instinctive, immediate and expressive art.

At Braemar College, we aim to stimulate, develop and maintain an interest in and a love of music through the classroom music program and through many co-curricular activities.

All Braemar students from Years 5 to 12 have access to a wide range of musical experiences.  We offer students the opportunity to learn an extensive range of different instruments in co-curricular music lessons.

The Braemar Music Department includes two full time teachers, two part-time teachers and 12 part time instrumental staff.  These specialists offer private tuition in contemporary and classical singing and on: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, electric or acoustic bass, harp, percussion, piano, violin and viola.

Students may also choose to be involved in many different music ensembles, by contacting the Music Department or student’s music tutor.

Once students reach an appropriate level with their instrument, they are actively encouraged to participate in a group.

Students of all levels of musical development have the opportunity to perform in front of a variety of audiences.  In addition to performances in School assemblies and in lunchtime and evening soirees, there are numerous formal School events in which virtually all students perform or have the opportunity to do so, including:

  • Music Hospitality Evenings
  • Middle and Senior College Winter Concerts
  • Celebration Night
  • House Performing Arts Competition
  • Whole school assemblies, Middle School and Senior School assemblies and Year Level assemblies
  • Community events

Students also have the opportunity to record their performances using the Recording Studio in the Music Department.  

For more information contact Mr Shaun Evans, Director of Music phone (03)54279322 or email




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