New College Website

At the end of this week, we will be launching our brand new College Website!

Our new site has a fresh, modern design showcasing our campuses, our values, and-most importantly-our students.

The new site has been split in two to allow two user experiences; one for our external, prospective parent and visitor community, Braemar College, and one for our internal, current-parent community, Braemar Parent.

Designed using best-practice principles of readability and electronic publishing, the site provides visitors with everything they need to know about our College, as well as opportunities to get in touch or book a College tour.

As part of this project, the Braemar Blog will now live on the website. If you’re already subscribed to the Blog (if you received an email to let you know about this post), you will remain subscribed through the new site and you will continue to receive the same notification emails. The only change will be the look and feel; the Blog will now match the rest of the site and be accessed through the main site.

Finally, there has been a change to the process for Second Hand Uniform Sales. There will no longer be a ‘page’ on the blog to post. The alternative to this will be released at the end of this week; we thank you for your patience over the next few days while we finalise the setup.

Watch this space, we hope you like it!


Party Safe Information Evening: THIS WEEK

This Wednesday, 23 May, we are hosting a Party Safe information evening in Jackson Hall from 7-9pm.

Presented by leading youth issues speaker and author, Sonya Karras, the evening will help parents to learn how to keep young people safe in their social lives.

No RSVP is required, just come along!

For more information about the evening, Party Safe.

For more information about Sonya and Party Safe sessions visit the two sites below:

Futsal Champions

On Tuesday 8 May, a group of nine Year 5 students took an exciting trip up the Calder to participate in the Australian Futsal Regional School Futsal Titles, held at the Bendigo Institute of Futsal.

It was a sensational day for the students, playing a sport that they love. Many of the students had never played together before, so it was great to see them mesh together so well and go on to play every game undefeated.

The team played three pool matches before playing in a tough semi-final. After an exhilarating twenty-six minutes, they came out on top and were honoured to be participating in the Grand Final.

The final game was played against another undefeated team, but our team’s skills and teamwork allowed them to push on to become the Under 11 Regional Champions. Well done to all of the students that played on the day; they were very deserving winners!

Under 11 Champions

Legal Studies Court Excursion

On Tuesday 1 May, our Unit 1&2 Legal Studies class attended the County and Supreme Courts to see the law in action.

After arriving, the students had the opportunity to meet and discuss the role of being a County Court Judge with Judge O’Neill. Judge O’Neill reflected on his duties in upholding the law, some recent changes within the law, and the challenges facing the legal profession.

The students asked excellent questions; Isobelle W asked if Judge O’Neill had always worked in the County Court and Tia asked if he had always wanted to be a lawyer, while Maddie inquired whether judges were allowed to be tattooed, and Bridget asked if Judge O’Neill ever judged someone famous. Isabelle wanted to know if he has ever bumped into people in the community who had previously appeared before him in court, and Ben wanted to know whether he had set any precedents through his decisions. Darcy inquired about his view on juries and if he ever disagreed with a jury’s decision and Ryan asked about hostility in the court room. Judge O’Neill and his associate Carla commented on how interesting and thoughtful each of the questions were.

In the County Court, the class observed a plea hearing for a person found guilty of drug cultivation.

Later, in the Supreme Court, students had the opportunity to participate in a role play. The case involved Ryan hypothetically killing Sam in a schoolyard incident. Maddie ran the court room as the judge’s associate and Angus signed in witnesses as the tipstaff. Georgie gave a stirring opening statement as the prosecutor and Robert asked very probing questions as the defence counsel, with Isobelle being the witness giving evidence. The legal associates were Lauren and Megan, with Isabelle, Bridget, Darcy, Lizzie, Tia, and Ben acting as the jury. It was a really great learning experience for everyone involved.

While visiting the Supreme Court, the students also observed a witness giving evidence about an alleged murder. Overall, it was a very informative and interesting experience for all of the students, offering them a first-hand view of the legal system in action.

Each of the students wrote reflections from the day and have shared them below:


Lauren – I thought today’s experience of visiting Victoria’s Supreme and County Court was amazing. I had never been to any of the courts before and was so surprised by the layout if the courts, the way the courts were furnished and especially the court proceedings themselves.
The highlights of the day were talking to a real judge in the County Court named Judge Chris O’Neill and observing a witness in a murder trial. Honestly, I wish we had more time to finish the cases and hear more. For example, in the drug case we didn’t hear how many years he was imprisoned for. Also, with the murder case, we didn’t get to hear the facts of the case (how the victim died) and if the accused was going to be found guilty or not. Something I found interesting was the way in which evidence was going to be presented to the jury in the murder case. It was a good day and it’s definitely opened my eyes into the interesting world of courts.

Tia – I really enjoyed going to visit the courts. Seeing the courts on the inside was amazing, especially the Supreme Court. The County Court was like I imagined it would be but the Supreme Court wasn’t, there seemed to be a lot more activity at the County Court and I was surprised by the amount of cases heard there. It was surprising that the County Court has a lot more security than the Supreme Court though the Supreme Court did seem a lot more intimidating. Talking to Judge O’Neill was really interesting. Sitting in the Judge’s chair in the County Court felt different than sitting in the other chairs but I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed watching both cases but I would have liked to know what sentence the judge gave in the County Court. I found the case in the Supreme Court to be more interesting and I was surprised that the witness was going to be recorded then shown to the jury. I was also surprised by how unprepared the prosecutor seemed since he kept saying “um” and coughing a lot. Overall, I enjoyed the day a lot and though it was a great experience.

Maddi – I really enjoyed the courts excursion, I found our talk to judge O’Neill in the County Court really interesting and loved the feeling of respect and power that you feel sitting in the judges chair. My favourite bit was the mock trial in the Supreme Court and getting to be the judge’s associate (which would be a pretty cool job) and looking around the court buildings and library. I found both the plea and witness hearing we watched interesting but preferred the Supreme Court hearing as it was a more complicated case and was super interesting.

Georgie – I think that the best part of the excursion was the court case we recreated in the Supreme Court. Mainly since it was fun to play the roles instead rather than be told about what the roles would do. I enjoyed the whole day though.

Megan – I thought our court excursion started off well; I found talking to a judge really fun and interesting but I struggled to stay focussed in the first court case because I couldn’t really hear everything that was being said. I found the afternoon session much more enjoyable, especially getting to quickly act out a hypothetical situation. I learnt about the Separation of Powers and that we have that so each division can make a decision without the influence of another division. This prevents division doing secret deals. Learning about Judge O’Neill’s process of becoming a judge was also quite fascinating.

Ben – My favourite part of today’s excursion was seeing the start of the trial in the Supreme Court. I think that was because it’s one thing reading about the Supreme Court and the procedures, but to see it in person was really different and cool. I could pick up on the atmosphere, and hearing the accused’s handcuffs, I found it really thrilling.

Lizzie – I enjoyed talking to a real judge and being able to ask personal questions as well as formal ones. Getting to see the difference between the County Court and the Supreme Court was also really interesting.
The highlight of the day for me was taking part in the role play scenario (playing roles such as the accused, tipstaff, the jury, etc.). It created a serious mood which we could reflect on when watching the cases.  I learnt about the tipstaff and their role in court, I learnt that robes represent dignity in the court and they must be respected, that in the County Court there are 12,000 cases that take place per year with half being civil cases and the other half being criminal cases, and also that in the County Court there are 70 judges.

Bridget – I think the courts excursion was a really good experience for our age group and knowledge of the law as it was not confronting and we understood what was happening in court. It educated us as a whole in more depth of the courts operation. I also liked how we visually learnt and understood all perspectives of the court order. 

Darcy – I really enjoyed the day at the courts. It was really good to experience actual cases and to be immersed in a legal environment.
My highlight of the day was sitting in the County Court Case. I enjoyed this more than the Supreme Court Case because we were able to hear more of the facts of the case and I liked the fact that we were sitting so close to the action.

Angus – I really enjoyed the courts excursion. My favourite part was the Supreme Court trail we witnessed. It was good to see the way the courts work in a real life atmosphere rather than what we see in movies and TV shows.

Robert – My highlights of the day were sitting in on the plea hearing, as it was the most interesting legal case I had ever seen. Although it was a little disheartening not to hear the sentencing as it is happening the next week. The trip to the Supreme Court was also a highlight as inside the court rooms was a change from the County Court and the library was magnificent on the inside.

Ryan – On the day, I really enjoyed being involved in the court rooms. The County Court was good as we got to meet a judge who was very friendly. The Supreme Court was also interesting because we were able to enter the library, watch a real murder trial, and do our very own murder trial role play for fun. Overall, I loved the day.

Isobelle W – I really enjoyed our experience on this excursion and I feel like I learnt a lot going to the different courts. It has encouraged me to keep up my studies and keep trying as the possibilities in law are high. I had a really good day and I discussed it with my dad afterwards and we are planning to go in the public area and watch another case.

Samuel – I found the courts to be a very quiet, calm, and structured, not what you see in the movies or on Judge Judy. I was expecting it to be more exciting than what it was and it irritated me that we didn’t get to hear the verdict on the second case. I found it very insightful though and learnt about the roles that people can work in and how they affect the court room.


Macedon Ranges District Cross Country

On Friday 27 April, forty students from Years 5 and 6 attended the Macedon Ranges District Cross Country at Tony Clarke Reserve in Macedon.

We were lucky to have favourable weather for the day, which encouraged the boundless enthusiasm and positivity we saw from our students.

Seventeen of our students placed in the Top 10 for their age groups (see below for details); placing in the Top 10 gives students the chance to run at the Divisional Cross Country event in Wyndham Vale.

We wish the best of luck to these students in the next stage of the competition on Wednesday 30 May.

12/13 Boys – Tom Raybould (5th Place)

12/13 Girls – Tamsyn William (2nd Place), Lulu Brierty (6th Place), Amy O’Kelly (8th Place), Eliza Patterson-Lade (10th Place)

11 Boys – Xavier Duboudin (1st Place), Sebastian Lunn (3rd Place), Elijah Withington (8th Place), Jacob Saddington (9th Place)

11 Girls – Lily James (1st Place), Emily Miles (2nd Place), Gemma Triffitt (3rd Place), Katie Watson (6th Place), Mali Gelbart (7th Place), Zoe Kucic (9th Place)

9/10 Boys – Nash Grinter (9th Place)

Gisborne Singers Concert featuring Braemar Students

This May, nineteen children aged 8-17 will have the incredible opportunity to perform an Australian premiere with one of Victoria’s best amateur choral ensembles, The Gisborne Singers.

The Children’s Chorus is formed largely from children and grandchildren of Gisborne Singers’ choristers. Between them, the children represent more than six schools from the local area. Braemar students, Hayley Scott, Chloe and Jessica Irwin, Eliza Patterson Lade, Alana Harkin, and Matt and Lauren Barake, are all excited to be a part of this concert.

The Children’s Chorus features in Sir Karl Jenkins’ Cantata Memoria (for the Children). Written in 2016, the work commemorates the 50th anniversary of the mining tragedy in Aberfan, Wales.  The work is a deeply moving piece; sensitively and beautifully written.

In January 2017, the piece was performed in New York and it is now almost time for its Australian premiere. The performances will feature orchestra and professional soloists, including Braemar Old Collegian (2012), Rosemary Cocklin, in her debut performance with the choir.

Se below for concert dates:

  • 3pm, Sunday 20 May at Church of Christ, Gisborne
  • 3pm, Sunday 27 May at Our Lady of the Rosary, Kyneton.

More information about the work, the Children’s Chorus, and The Gisborne Singers can be found on facebook @thegisbornesingers or

Gis singers