Welcome to Braemar.

For over 40 years students, staff and parents have enjoyed being part of our caring, dynamic and innovative learning environment.

Our community is gentle and nurturing with a high value placed on the quality of the relationships that exist between students and between students and staff. Our students are known, valued and respected and they respect and respond to each other.

The College is a community that also seeks academic excellence. Our clear focus is on how young people learn, and meeting the needs of different learning styles. We recognise the importance of effective engagement in the classroom and beyond, holding true to our Christian principles where all members of our community are valued. We recognise that learning is an individual matter with students developing at different rates and in different ways.

We recognise and celebrate achievements while encouraging students to constantly seek out and explore new avenues of opportunity.  Braemar College strives to equip students with qualities and attributes that allow them to achieve their potential in the College environment and beyond. We aim to provide a positive, rewarding and enjoyable experience for every student.

Our Braemar College blog is well used to disseminate information and news. It is updated regularly and I encourage you to follow it for updates.

Russell Deer



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