House Art & Chess Competitions 2017

On Tuesday 23 May, after school had finished for the day, we had our 2017 House Chess and House Art Competitions. It was a really great evening showcasing talent and creativity.


This year, the House Art Competition was held in Heyward Hall. The competition was structured so that the students were given a theme on the night and had half an hour to brainstorm ideas before the competition started. This year’s theme was Disney and Fairytales.

The tasks for each age group were as below:

Year 5/6 – Create a Diorama

Year 7/8 – Create Props and/or Sculptures

Year 9/10 – Create a Backdrop (for the Year 11/12s to post in front of)

Year 11/12 – Create Costumes for a Fashion Show

The results for this year’s House Art Competition are below:

1st Place – Darling

2nd Place – Ward

3rd Place – Harry

4th Place – Farley

5th Place – Clyde

6th Place – Baker



The House Chess Competition was held in Jackson Hall this year with students from every year level competing.

The final scores for each house are below:

1st Place – Harry, 26.5 points

2nd Place – Baker, 22.5 points

3rd Place – Ward, 22 points

4th Place – Darling, 18 points

5th Place – Clyde, 17 points

6th Place – Farley, 13.5 points

 The Age Group Champions are listed below (each Age Group Champion will be awarded a certificates and medal at assembly):

Year 5/6 – Liam Eales and Dash Fenwick

Year 7/8 – Flynn Weber

Year 9/10 – Louis Hansford and Oliver Bagin

Year 11/12 – Hunter Mackay

Excellence points go to the winning team members as well as the top three from each age group:

Harry House players

Liam Eales

Dash Fenwick

Cormac Hayes

Flynn Weber

Ben Shaw

Felix Hughes

Sam Brockhoff

Louis Hansford

Oliver Bagin

Morgen Mackay

Hunter Mackay

Arky Ventouras

Lewis Dacre


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