Braemar College Ball 2017

On Saturday 20 May the College had the pleasure of presenting 76 Year 11 students as part of the annual College Ball. The ball is the culmination of months of dance lessons and provides a unique opportunity for families of the College to see their children presented into the community as young adults.

Over 500 people attended at Melrose Receptions to see the students present four dances: the Samba; the Viennese Waltz; the Tango; and the Cha Cha. The students danced well and, more importantly, saw the benefits of their weeks of collaborative and intensive practice. It was great to see all of the students – dressed in their finest attire – celebrating and enjoying the evening together with their parents and friends.

Special thanks to Year 11 Leader, Mr Don Moran, and our dance instructors, Andrew and Gayle Elliott, for all of their work in preparation for the Ball.





2 thoughts on “Braemar College Ball 2017

  1. A number of schools that have uneven ratios of boys and girls are presenting the students in small groups instead of couples so no-one is left out. We all know how much a focus of year 11 the Deb is. It must be devastating for those not invited to participate. How does our school approach this ?

    • Thank you for the question.
      Each year level is slightly different; however currently, the College has a ratio of females to males of 50.89% to 49.11%.

      At the College Ball each year, if there has been a young person who does not have a partner, an older student has accompanied that person. In previous years, there have been both males and females who have done this. This does rely on the young person speaking up to the Year Level Leader or Head of School so that it can be addressed. With regard to inclusiveness, everyone is invited to participate and if there are young people feeling not included, I would welcome talking to them to understand how we can do better.

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