Melbourne Symphony Orchestra with James Morrison

Last week, a group of Braemar music students, accompanied by Mr Shaun Evans and Dr Fran Thiele, travelled down to Melbourne to watch a performance by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and James Morrison. The trip was very rewarding for all who attended.

On the trip into Melbourne, it became evident that for many of the students, this was their first ever experience watching a jazz quartet performance, let alone seeing a live symphony orchestra, so they ended up with the best of both worlds!

James Morrison (who is a very well-recognised Australian jazz musician) presented a program that laid out a basic history of jazz for the students. His whole performance was backed by the full MSO contingent which included a full percussion section, concert harp and piano, as well as his guitarist, bass player and drummer up front.

It was a great opportunity and given the MSO are only a short drive away, Mr Evans says that Braemar will definitely be taking advantage of any future opportunities to be involved in these short concert programs.



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