Biggest Morning SOUP KITCHEN!

Yesterday, our Braemar staff held a Biggest Morning Tea Soup Kitchen to raise money for the Cancer Council.

Over the past few weeks, staff have been encouraged to purchase a large soup mug for $5 which they then brought along to yesterday’s event and filled with soup and a fresh bread roll. The soup was prepared and donated by the College so that all funds raised could go directly to the Cancer Council.

There was also a ‘loose change raffle’ to raise additional funds; the concept of this was that staff donated whatever loose change they had in exchange for three raffle tickets (irrespective of the size of their donation). All the prizes for this raffle had also been generously donated by the staff; on the day, there were 135 different prizes.

We are very proud of the efforts made by our Braemar staff as they have raised in excess of $900!

What a lovely way to spend a chilly, autumn lunch with a cup of hot soup for a great cause!

Well done and thank you to all of those who participated, donated and volunteered their time.

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