Year 6 Exeat Week

Last week was our Year 6’s exeat week; they spent five beautiful, sunny days in the towns of Rawson and Walhalla, staying at Rawson Village. The students were involved in a range of activities throughout the week including rock climbing, abseiling, high ropes course, commando course, cooking, initiatives, mountain biking and zip lining. All of the activities were held on site at Rawson Village. The activities challenged many students but it was terrific to see each of them push through their fears and get involved.

On Wednesday, the whole group headed into Walhalla and were surprised to find that this small town – which was established around the gold era – didn’t have electricity until 1998! The students were split into small groups and followed a series of clues on a ‘Race Around Walhalla’. In order to win, teams not only needed to be fast, but they also needed to answer questions about the town’s history correctly. When the groups were finished, they climbed a VERY steep slope to the top of the mountain; during the gold rush era, the locals took the top off the mountain to make if flat enough for a cricket pitch where games were held regularly.

Each night of the camp, a different group of students travelled to Walhalla for a ghost tour; it is said that there are many sightings of ghosts in the very small town. Some people felt quite intimidated by the evening adventure but it was again great to see everyone get involved – one person even managed to capture a photo of a possible ghost!

Overall, the whole week was a great success. Though they were tired, the group returned feeling a strong sense of accomplishment for all the new things they tried.

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