Build a Band, 2017

Last week, Jacksons@Braemar hosted our 2017 Build a Band competition! Complete with a beautiful three course meal prepared and served by our hospitality students; the night was a great success. 

Students were invited to ‘build a band’ of three or more young musicians and enter themselves in the competition. The night saw many parents, friends and members of our local community head up the mountain for a great meal and some exciting, fun entertainment. 

Three bands from the evening – a Year 8 band, a Year 11/12 duo and a Year 7 vocal trio – have been asked to perform at this week’s Principals Assembly on Tuesday to showcase some of the talent from the evening to the rest of the school.  

Our Music Department have put together a video playlist on YouTube for your to see some of our student’s amazing talent; watch them here.

If you’re interested in heading to Jacksons@Braemar for lunch or dinner, visit our try booking site and book now


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