House Swimming Carnival

The Braemar College House Swimming Carnival will be conducted on Wednesday 8 February 2017 at the Sunbury Aquatic Centre.

As part of our risk management processes for other swimming activities throughout the year, the College staff utilise this event to observe students and their swimming capabilities over a 50 m distance.

At the Swimming Carnival, your child will be assessed by our PE staff as being competent or not competent to swim 50 metres. This data will be recorded within our student management system.

If your child attends the Swimming Carnival, but does not participate in any of the activities due to injury or illness, s/he may be required to undertake a swimming assessment at another point in the year.

If your child does not attend the Swimming Carnival, s/he may be asked to undertake a swimming assessment later in the year.

If a swimming assessment has not been recorded and your child is attending a co-curricular or extra-curricular program where swimming is an activity that will be taking place, s/he will not be able to participate in that activity unless a swimming assessment has been undertaken.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact the relevant Head of School.


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