Updated Schedule for This Week

Braemar College has rescheduled some of this week’s programs and events as a result of today’s Total Fire Ban (TFB). Please note the updated arrangements as follows:

Tuesday 31 January

From the bus turning circle, students will be directed to their locker areas / classrooms to drop off their bags.

A short welcome assembly for all students will take place in Heyward Hall, commencing at 8:45am.

Middle School students will follow the same program planned for today (Monday) with the exception of school photographs. These will be taken on Wednesday. House meetings and a fire drill will occur in Period 4 tomorrow (Tues). If Middle School students have PE or sport on a Day 2, PE kit is not required tomorrow. Middle School students do not need to wear ties on Tuesday, but must do so on Wednesday for photographs.

Senior School students will follow the program originally outlined for today, and should prepare for Day 2 classes for periods 2, 3 and 4 tomorrow. Photographs will be taken on Wednesday.

Wednesday 1 February

All students will attend Day 3 classes.

School photographs will be taken. Please adhere to College uniform expectations.

To pre-order photographs from National Photography:

Go to www.nationalphotography.com.au

Click “School Photos” then “Portrait Packs”

Enter the shoot key – Y8H7NAFK

Enter your details then click ‘Cart’ to pay

Queries in relation to this email should be directed to the Heads of School: r.shipp@braemar.vic.edu.au and m.horne@braemar.vic.edu.au



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