College Photos for Students

Individual, house and family photographs will be taken on Monday 30 January.

Students are expected to adhere to the College’s uniform expectations. The Heads of School have communicated these to parents and students. Note that PE uniform is not required for any of the photographs.

Information on ordering photographs through National Photography is available via the following link:

Select “School Photos” then “Portrait Packs”

Enter the shoot key – Y8H7NAFK

Enter your details then click “Cart” to pay.

Families wishing to have a “Family Photo” should refer to the schedule below. This is based on students’ surnames. Please remind your children to leave class at these times so that they can meet their siblings in Heyward Hall.

A-C             10.30am

D-G             10.50am

H-L            11.10am

M-N             12:00pm

O-R             12.20pm

S-T             1:00pm

U-X             1.15pm

Please follow this link to complete and submit the “Family Photo” form if you wish to take advantage of this option. Parents will be given a choice of package and photograph they wish to purchase from the proofs supplied with the original order.

If you have any queries – please telephone National Photography on 1300 677 000. Alternatively, contact Mrs Vivienne James at the College:


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