Braemar College 2016 VCE Results

Yesterday the College celebrated the outstanding achievements of the 2016 cohort.

Tanzia Matotek was named as College Dux receiving an ATAR of 99.5.


Tania Mattock

The Dux Proximus was one of the 2016 College Captains, Pip Wright, who received an ATAR of 98.35.


Pip Wright

Both students had worked very hard, were well supported by their teachers and very happy with their results.

Within the students undertaking a Unit 3&4 study, one students achieved a perfect score of 50.

The results of the whole cohort were equally impressive, being the best results for the College since 2006.

The percentage of students achieving an ATAR of 80 to above was 50%, meaning that 1 in 2 of the graduating Year 12 cohort achieved a result that placed them in the top 20% of the state.

Equally impressive was the fact 21% of the cohort received an ATAR of 90 or above, meaning that 1 in 5 students achieved this ATAR level.

These ATARs allow the students to access a very large number of tertiary pathways.

The graduating cohort also included young people who had undertaken School Based Apprenticeships and are now well positioned for the world of work.

We are very proud of the all the graduating students. Hard work and tenacity have paid off. Please spare a thought for the teaching staff, and those who support them. The staff of the College have worked very hard with the students and have taken great pride in seeing their achievements.

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