Sri Lanka Update

After a 16 Day, 800km journey around the Sri Lanka, the Braemar College Year 12 Schoolies Alternative program came to end last night.

The group safely landed in Melbourne and were greeted by family and friends at the arrivals hall of the International Terminal.

The tiredness from the long flights did not show as they recounted stories of their journey through the fields, mountains and schools of Sri Lanka.


Journeys such as these do not just happen. We are grateful for the work of the World Expedition team, especially Jeremy, who lead the group safely and with absolute professionalism. To Mrs Jones who kept friends and family linked with messages and comments through their time on the program.

Finally to Mr Warner and Miss Welsh, who accompanied, mentored and role modelled what engaged teachers and professional educators can achieve when working with a wonderful group of Braemar students.

Thanks to all who have followed the blog posts. Stay tuned for 2017, when the Braemar Schoolies Alternative head back to Mt Everest Base Camp.

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