Braemar College – Year 7 Ancient Civilisations

When you visit the Braemar College Resource Centre you’ll see some amazing ancient artefacts created by our Year 7 students on display.img_0598 img_0599 img_0657 img_0641

They are part of the Year 7 Encounter Assignments.  img_0675 img_0617 img_0609 img_0685 img_0682 img_0681 img_0674 img_0673 img_0659

Students were required to conduct research and create a model based on a real artefact, or a scale model using accurate colours and proportions. img_0685 img_0686 img_0688 img_0601 img_0605

The artefact could relate to food, daily home life, roles of people, clothes, jewellery, OR a model could be of a feature of an ancient society (for example a sarcophagus, specific building, and a typical house) img_0617 img_0608 img_0640 img_0666

Students have clearly embraced the challenge enthusiastically and their artefacts are incredible.  img_0687

They will be judged by staff and students, and prizes will be awarded.


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