Celebrating 40 Years of Braemar College

In 1976, Braemar College commenced with 202 students and 15 staff. 40 years on, the College has 820 students and over 120 staff.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the College, a community sourced sculpture was created. The sculpture consists of 840 coloured blocks. The blocks from the Middle School students are printed in plastic. The blocks from the Senior School students, staff and Board Members have a printed plastic fascia and are connected to a piece of timber which once formed part of a Braemar House walkway.


The face of each block has either a printed image or the initials of students and staff. Each block is printed in House colours, with some staff and Board Members being printed in white. imag0755

The overall sculpture is in two halves, allowing it to be split and placed on the two campuses in the future and then symbolically re-joined when whole-of-College events occur.

The final block is inscribed with a message about the 40 year celebration. This was placed by Mr Graham Farley, the first Headmaster of Braemar College, on Celebration Night 2016. The block was delivered to Mr Farley by programmed Lego robots, and accompanied by a musical piece composed by Aimee Noordhoorn, a Year 11 student.


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