Staff Spotlight – David McEncroe

David McEncroe Learning Area Leader – Hospitality/Restaurant takes responsibility for all the culinary delights emanating from Jacksons@Braemar.braemar-staff-spotlight-logo

David started as a part time/sessional teacher in 2003 and commenced full time work at Braemar College in 2008. chef

Known around the College as Chef, David has many roles including cook, VET and Foods and RTO Manager.

Having worked as a professional chef for 30 years he brings a wealth of experience to his role.

David has worked at Virgona’s, Gordon Place, Queens Road Bar & Grill, Lemon Tree Hotel, McCoppins wine bar, Louie’s, Toorak Hotel, Anchor and Hope hotel, Victoria Tavern, Swan and Perch, Log Cabin and the Mount Macedon Hotel. He was also in charge of catering at the Australian Emergency Institute for around 2,400 meals a day after the Ash Wednesday fires.

He is a qualified food safety auditor with the QSA and has a Certificate 1V in Workplace Training and Assessment. He competed a Graduate Diploma of Technology Education from Latrobe University in 2006.


The things David enjoys most about his role at Braemar College are cooking and being involved with the Great Victorian Bike Ride which the College participates in annually.

David says he also enjoys working with the “wonderful Braemar music department on events and fundraising activities that have a catering element.”

With VET Hospitality and Food Studies teacher, Liz Klusik and Shaun Evans, Director of Music

With VET Hospitality and Food Studies teacher, Liz Klusik and Shaun Evans, Director of Music

He refers to the Braemar College kitchen and restaurant as a well appointed facility.

It caters for industry level production, and is a great place of learning for all students. It is well documented about the new combi-therm convection oven, but at Braemar we have also invested in an industrial cryovac machine, sous-vide machine, industrial stick blenders, orbital mixer, 2 thermo-mix , Robot coupe and modern bar facilities. Jackson Hall is itself an incredible facility for so many activities. We have value added in our staff resources as well by employing highly skilled industry people and trainees over the last two or three years as we have grown.  IMG_4896

He also says, “I work with a brilliant group of people within the faculty and school as a whole.”

As far as innovation at the College, David says, “If you ever have the privilege or get the chance to drop into a Year 8 or 9 food class, you’ll see innovation by the truckloads.”

Great Vic Bike Ride

Great Vic Bike Ride

Outside of College life, David is a keen cyclist who enjoys fishing, cooking, wine, music (particularly jazz) and spending time with his grandchildren. chefs-grandpa

Food and innovation are clearly in his genes as David’s grandfather, Frances Gerald McEncroe was the inventor of the Chiko Roll.








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