Old Collegian Saves a Life

This year’s AFL Grand Final was a memorable one for Old Collegian, Liam Moore, and not just because of the game itself.

When 64 year-old Bulldogs supporter, Rob McCarthy suffered a heart attack at the MCG,  Liam an off-duty paramedic performed CPR, and is credited with saving Mr MCarthy’s life.

“I knew that when I got there he still had a pulse, we still had a chance,” he said.


screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-8-42-17-am“There was about 5 mins to go in the last quarter, the game was still in the balance so there was a lot of noise and cheering going on. Next thing I knew it people were yelling out for help and to call an ambulance.

One of my family friends nudged me and said, ‘Liam I think someone might need some help.’

At the time I didn’t even notice because I was so enthralled in the game. The gentlemen was only about 5 or 6 seats away from me in the same row. I walked down and the man looked very unwell! He was unresponsive and had a slight pulse which soon disappeared.

With the help of another guy we got him down to the ground and started CPR. Along with another off duty nurse we continued CPR until Event First Aid and Ambulance Victoria Paramedics arrived with a defibrillator.

After a few minutes of CPR and defibrillation the gentlemen pretty much sat up in front of us! MICA (mobile intensive care ambulance) paramedics arrived and he was transported to hospital.

It is important to note that this was a team effort. Without the assistance of Event First Aid and Ambulance Victoria paramedics the outcome could have been different.”

Mr McCarthy thanked his rescuers for their help and is now using his story to push for the need for more defibrillators to be located in public places.


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