Braemar College Community Spirit

At Braemar College, the Year 9 students have met each Friday afternoon to participate in the College’s program R.U.M.A.D.

As a part of this program, students spend a session out of the classroom, enjoying a wide range of activities.

img_1967The program has a particular focus on engaging with the local community. The students have helped out at Bupa Aged Care Woodend, spending time with residents, playing bingo or just having a chat.

img_1969Other students lend a hand at Pets Haven in Woodend, others help out at Wild Action Zoo in Macedon. Some spend their afternoon picking up rubbish in Woodend while others solve IT problems for members of the local community at Woodend Neighbourhood House.

img_1975This focus on community teaches Year 9 students valuable lessons about the benefits of volunteer work to communities while making time to get out of the classroom and help out in the local area.

img_1968Over the last few weeks, one group of Year 9 students has been down at the Woodend Library while volunteers educate the next generation of knitters in fun and engaging sessions.

The idea began in 2013 when a program called “Warm up Woodend” was devised by members of the library. During the program, Braemar students took up the task of “yarn bombing” a disused bike, covering it with their own knitting.

img_1970Although the Braemar students of today have a lot left to learn about the complex and at times frustrating art of knitting, they do not shirk away from the task and instead approach it with a positive attitude and an enthusiastic appetite to learn.

By Paddy Grindlay



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