ICCES Debating – Young Competitors Step Up

Congratulations to our Braemar College Debating Team who stepped up to the challenge at the recent ICCES Debating Competition.

Despite not winning, the debaters did a great job.

Senior Scores

Round 1 Braemar 222 vs Hamilton 226
(Hugh Millar, Tanvir Brar, Maddi Condron)

Round 2 Braemar 222 vs BMG 226
(Adele Gehling, Georgie Speed, Max Tett)

These scores were extraordinary considering our senior team was filled with Year 8 students and their opponents were generally Year 11’s.

Special mention should go to the Year 8’s who stepped in for the seniors.

IMG_8272Junior Scores

Round 1 – Braemar 227 vs Girton 228
(Charlie Ashe Humphrey, Olivia Sutton – Best Speaker, Olivia O’Brien)

Round 2 – Braemar  225 vs BMG   227
(Renee Warrior, Chenoa Weitman, Henry Wilcox)

Our junior students lost only by one point in round 1 and two points in round 2.

These Year 7 students were doing debating for the first time ever.


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