Melanie Almond Features in Bendigo Orchestra

Congratulations to Melanie Almond in Year 9 who  was selected as Principal Clarinettist for a recent collaboration in Bendigo between the Aussie Ballet Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria and the Bendigo Symphony Orchestra.image3

In the challenging program, the young musicians worked with their peers in groups then came together to present a concert on 25 August at the Capital in Bendigo.

This was a fabulous opportunity for Melanie who applied for, and was accepted into the program on her own initiative.image1

Melanie, who has been learning clarinet at Braemar College for almost five years says, “The On the Move workshop was lots of fun and I had a great time.”Almond, Melanie

Melanie also plays piano and recently completed her grade 7 ANZCA (modern) piano exam and is hoping to do grade 8 AMEB (classical) piano next year or the year after.

She says she loves both the piano and the clarinet, and likes music, “Because it’s something fun that you can do with your friends or with other people but it can also be something that you do on your own. It’s extremely challenging but rewarding and you can never be perfect which means that you can always keep on improving.”image5

Melanie applied for the Orchestra Victoria program because she thought it would be “amazing to have the opportunity to play in a real orchestra, and it will be hugely beneficial to my clarinet skills.”

Melanie paid tribute to Braemar College Director of Music, Shaun Evans, her clarinet teacher since Year 6. “He has been really supportive throughout that time, and has given me a variety of repertoire to play. He’s also helped me practice the parts for the Pop Up Orchestra which has been extremely useful!”image2
We congratulate Melanie on her fabulous achievements and look forward to news of her future musical endeavours.image4



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