Middle School Olympics Theme – Term 3

This term the Middle School is getting involved in all things Olympic.

The term started with an assembly and guest speaker. Rob McGregor (father of Alec Year 6) an Olympian from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, represented Australia in the Modern Pentathlon.

This is the only event in the Olympics that was specifically designed for the Olympic Games. It is the event that links the modern and ancient Olympics.


It requires athletes to be an expert in five very different disciplines and known amongst many to be the best all round athletes in the world. Athletes compete in five disciplines over one day, fencing, swimming equestrian- show jumping, pistol shooting and cross country run.

IMG_0004Rob talked about his Olympic and athletic journey and  three lessons in life that he hoped the students could use in their own lives – do your job, gather and use a good team around you and listen to and respect your bosses. We were very fortunate to hear from Rob and many of us will be following more closely this event at Rio.

We have two events coming up where the students will be divided into multi aged groups to represent a country.

We are looking forward to having fun and learning just a little more about the games as we go.


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