Braemar College Alumni Night

Past hospitality and music students returned to Braemar College for Alumni Night on Thursday 19 May, which also featured the talents of current VCE music and VET hospitality students. 

It was a great night of fabulous food and entertainment in Jackson Hall.

There was a vibrant and harmonious atmosphere, and it was inspiring to see the camaraderie between past and present students.IMG_20160519_204105 VID_20160519_195543 IMG_20160519_204034 IMG_20160519_210844

Our VCE 1/2 and 3/4 bands were a hit on the night.

Cacartu, the Alumni band who returned to perform were also well received by the crowd.

They are pictured above with their Year 12 Music teacher and mentor, Dr Fran Thiele.

Old Collegians, Kaitlyn Secker (vocals), Lachlan Leeds (guitar), Kyle Muir (guitar/synth), Brayden Smith (Bass) and Seb Antoine (percussion)  have been taking the music world by storm since releasing their recent EP. It was described by The Lighted Stage Blog as “amongst the best debuts I have heard.” IMG_20160519_190650

Sound and effects for the Alumni night were provided by our Music Tech students.


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