Staff Spotlight – Steve Huntly

Steve Huntly is Braemar College’s Property and Maintenance Manager, and a man of many talents. Staff Spotlight

Huntly, StevenHe does everything from day-to-day maintenance and fixing breakages, and construction, to replacing flat tyres, helping students with projects, and setting up for functions and events.

Steve has been with the College for four and a half years, and says that it’s a great place to work. “It doesn’t feel like a school here. The kids are so polite and they are always asking me if I need help.”

Steve says he really likes the way students at Braemar College take pride in their school.

He enjoys the variety in his role and working with the kids and staff.  A father of three with five grandchildren, Steve says, “Everything I do here is for the kids.”

IMG_3518        IMG_3521One of the things he enjoys most is helping the students out with their projects around the College. He cuts timber, and operates all the power tools for them. He has helped the Year 12 Event Management students put their proposal into action, helped one student build a birdhouse, and worked on sets for the College production.

New rock wall G2 to G5His innovation, skill and hard work can be seen in buildings and locations all over the College. He cut out the old staircase, extended the floor and developed the mezzanine level in the art room. IMAG1316
One of his favourite projects at the College was helping a student build a Roman shield. His most interesting project has been renovating the old dark rooms in Braemar House and turning them into a new art room A4. One of the most challenging things he has done is coordinating and assisting in the redevelopment of the old rock retainer wall in the driveway.  IMAG1308

Steve says his construction skills have come from growing up on a farm, where they had to build everything – fencing, stables and even their own house. IMG_0960

But he hasn’t always worked in maintenance. Steve, who has a degree from the Melbourne College of Graphic Arts, spent twenty-five years working in advertising. He started out as a commercial artist then went into photography and digital drum scanning.

IMG_1830He was responsible for quality control from pre-press to printing for accounts like Myer and Kmart Australia New Zealand, and through his roles in advertising he travelled the world.

Steve says that the career adviser at his school was the one who got him into this line of work. The advisor identified artistic ability in Steve and helped him find work and follow this path.

After the high pressure of working in advertising, Steve decided it was time for a change, and skills developed from working on the farm helped him get into maintenance.

Feeding his pet sheep

Steve feeding his pet sheep.

Prior to coming to Braemar College, Steve spent seven years in maintenance at suburban schools, and says he loves the scenic location here.

A love of fishing also led Steve into retail, operating two tackle shops and a marine shop. He has also taught kids fly-fishing, and taken people on fishing tours.

As well as being an artist, Steve is a keen musician who plays violin and guitar.

Steve says that his varied roles have taught him that, “If you put your mind to it you can do anything.”IMG_0059

When he’s not busy at Braemar College, Steve enjoys his hobbies of fishing, music and art, and spending time with his family and his animals.










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