Staff Spotlight – Lauren Minglis

Lauren Minglis is a Year 7 Investigate teacher of maths and science and is Learning Community Leader for 7B.Staff Spotlight

Minglis, LaurenShe started out doing Biomedicine, and majored in Biochemistry and Medical Science, as she had an interest in studying cells and their involvement in diseases.

Lauren loves doing practical investigations and as part of the study of the Earth’s Resources, students made a model power station in term one.

To complete her teaching qualification, Lauren’s VIT project focussed on “How can I enhance student learning by implementing differentiated learning tasks that incorporate a variety of resources and strategies.”

She had noticed that within her Year 7 class there was a wide variety of abilities and learning styles and her goal was to improve her teaching to cater for all these needs. She wanted to improve learning for all students regardless of their ability.

Lauren attended PD’s, and observed other teachers in their classrooms in preparation for her project.

She placed her class into ability groups of green, purple and yellow. Although each group was covering the same topic they were given different tasks to complete based on their abilities. Lauren provided more one-on-one supervision to students who needed it, and other students were able to work more independently and help each other.

In term one, students were set an assignment to design their own backyard and make a plan providing a birds eye view of it. They were able to design the backyard they would like to build, and were encouraged to be as artistic and creative as they were wanted.

IMG_0637Lauren says, “It was a great opportunity to bring creativity into the maths classroom.”

Lauren was involved in months of preparation before the project even started, but she says it was enormously rewarding. IMG_0636

“It was great to see the students so engaged by tasks that were suitable to their level of understanding. There was a vast improvement in outcomes for students.”

The project provided an opportunity for Lauren to learn new strategies and see how the development of hands on activities made such a difference to visual learners.

This term students have been studying Forces. They have done practicals on various contact and non-contact forces. Lauren demonstrated static electricity by using a Van De Graaff generator, a device that creates static electricity causing hair to rise.

Braemar College - Lauren Minglis static electricity experimentStudents insulated themselves from the ground and were in contact with each other to feel the full effect of the static electricity.

When she’s not teaching, Lauren enjoys makeup artistry, pilates and spending time with friends. She’s currently in the process of building a house and this takes up much of her spare time.



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