Hospitality Students Benefit from Technology Upgrade

Braemar College recently replaced our original 2000 combi steamer oven with a new Rational 5 senses oven. It has tripled our catering capacity and will cook different foods on twenty different levels.


A combi steamer is a professional cooking appliance that is mainly used in restaurants, hotels, industrial kitchens, catering operations, the foodservice industry, and industry catering.

IMG_4896As the name suggests the 5 Senses “senses” and recognises the size, load quantity and condition of all food products and calculates the appropriate browning and optimal cookery by itself with its in built technologies.

According to the desired result, it will make the necessary decisions and adjust the temperature, cooking time; air speed and cooking cabinet climate to best suit the requirements of the food. It will store recipes and instructions to obtain the same quality and finish time after time. FullSizeRender

As soon as it changes settings, the cooking system shows this on the display. It has the capacity to show students and teachers alike why it is making changes and record them for later usage.

For example the oven has the capacity to cook 200 steaks to medium rare in 8 minutes and hold them at optimal temperature until ready to serve.

Our students and the wider community will gain services and technology skills in the Jacksons@ Braemar kitchen well into the future utilizing this latest industrial hardware.





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