College Ball 2016

The 2016 College Ball held at Melrose Receptions on 14 May was a huge success.

13164282_1097880743608194_756669543318642127_nIt was a fun and festive affair attended by around 700 people.

Students doing their debut were presented to Rev Adrian and Mrs Alison Pegler.

Fr Adrian is the President of the College Fellows.13221546_1097880393608229_7891652062530076505_n

The night was attended by Mary-Ann Thomas MP,  Member for Macedon who said that it was a pleasure to be there. She said,

The best part – the looks of pride on the faces of the Mums and Dads while younger siblings couldn’t quite believe their big sister/brother could look so fabulous. Fave moment – the girls going solo to Uptown Funk.

A great night and reminder of how much fun teenage life can (and should) be.

13226735_1097880543608214_7601875278456431710_nPhotos courtesy of Mary-Ann Thomas MP


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