Year 9 – Wild Action Community Service

Every Friday, a group of eight to ten Braemar College students in Year 9 heads off to Wild Action Zoo to help out around the place.

Haley Galloway has taken the amazing pictures in this post and here she shares her experience with us.IMG_0035

Haley’s Wild Action Experience

Students head to Wild Action Zoo to fulfil the community service aspect of their Year 9 OPS and RUMAD programs.FullSizeRender 8 FullSizeRender 9

We have been cleaning the dead leaves and branches from the kangaroo and emu paddocks, and cleaning and refilling the sand and eucalyptus leaves in the koala enclosure. We have also cleaned out the snake enclosure and helped to set up a new enclosure for native bats.FullSizeRender 7

All the while Chris Humphrey (owner) and his team have been teaching students about all the wildlife they keep at the Zoo. Conversation topics can range from dingoes to dinosaurs, from crocodiles to crickets, issues that face native endangered species and everything in between.IMG_0011

After we’ve completed our chores Chris will bring out some of the animals, and students are allowed to hold them. The koalas were a particular highlight, but we have also held massive pythons, joeys, an echidna and baby crocodiles. We have patted emus and held ostrich eggs.FullSizeRender 5

Working at Wild Action Zoo has given us a sense of contributing to our local community while learning about the animals at the same time.IMG_0038

We love  being there. Sometimes people whinge a bit about having to rake leaves, carry logs, shovel sand or wood chips but at the end there are always big smiles and a sense of wonder at the bizarre and beautiful native animals in Chris’ care.FullSizeRenderIMG_0021

I highly recommend Wild Action Zoo for students and parents. Chris and the team are great, very knowledgeable and  they treat each visit as a learning opportunity for the students, while being supportive and grateful for the efforts of the Braemar teams.

Haley Galloway
Year 9



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