Young Journalist Wins Stawell Gift Scholarship

Congratulations to Patrick Grindlay in Year 9 who has won the inaugural K.Trewick Stawell Gift Scholarship.

Grindlay, PatrickThe $250 Scholarship involves Patrick contributing to The Footy Almanac as an assistant editor, spending thirty hours in this role.

As well as being mentored by John Harms, Patrick has been given the opportunity to produce a significant feature on the Stawell Gift.

Patrick has been contributing to The Footy Almanac and website for three years, and was very excited to be given this opportunity.

I felt extremely happy about winning as it offered me a chance to write more and about new topics. This was very challenging but improved my skills in relation to writing.

I hope this opportunity leads to a job in journalism and broadcasting in the future, at a newspaper, magazine, radio station, television station or website. I hope to work on the ABC, The Age or in the future.

I am enjoying the challenge of writing about new subjects and the sheer fun about being offered a scholarship to do something you love. Writing is a great love of mine and I intend to make it my career.

I have learnt to write about different subjects and to write in certain structures and in certain “voices” during this scholarship, and have worked with John Harms, who recently published a biography with Melbourne Cup winner, Michelle Payne.

Patrick’s finished article about the 1952 Stawell Gift, where two Essendon footballers ran in the final and came first and second, will be published soon on the Almanac’s website and in their magazine, Long Bombs to Snake.

You can read his other fabulous published pieces at The Footy Almanac website.




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