VCE Legal Studies Students Visit Loddon Prison

Students studying Units 3 & 4 Legal Studies recently went on an excursion to Loddon Prison to give them an understanding of how this aspect of the legal system works.

After going through security, they met five prisoners who had been charged with serious offences.

IMG_3233Students had the opportunity to ask about the general prison conditions, prisoner’s duties in jail, and their view of general conditions.

IMG_3223 They then moved into smaller groups, and were able to ask more personal questions of the prisoners. Students asked very thought provoking and relevant questions about the factors that led up to their prison sentence, and what they plan to do once they leave prison.

IMG_3225Students enquired about the victims of their crime and the impact their actions had on their own families, the victim’s families and the broader community.

IMG_3221Prisoners were also asked about their own perception of the criminal justice system, and whether they believed their treatment was fair and just.

Students said it was a valuable experience as it helped their understanding of the legal system, prison life and the way consequences work for law breakers.


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