Drama Incursion Inspires Students

On Thursday 12 May, Year 10 and 11 drama students enjoyed an incursion that focussed on commedia dell’arte, a form of theatre characterised by the wearing of masks, which began in Italy in the 16th century.

commedia dell arteWe  were taught how to use masks, and learned techniques to use on stage to help us  become our characters. For example we were taught that actors ‘play’ on stage, and to be playful and loose with your body when acting.

commedia 2The incursion fitted into our curriculum because the Year 10s are learning about commedia dell’ arte at the moment. It fitted into what the Year 11s are doing because it was about expressing a character in quite a non-naturalistic way and the Year 11s current unit is non-naturalism.

commedia 4In the beginning most of the students were a bit awkward about it and a little uncertain, but as the activities continued everyone got a bit more warmed up and comfortable.

 The thing we enjoyed the most was  experimenting with the masks.

The most challenging thing was becoming comfortable enough in the environment to act and exaggerate what we were doing and to really get into it.

Anna Baeten
Year 11


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