Year 10 Visit to Immigration Museum

On Friday 22 April, Braemar College Year 10 students visited the Immigration Museum in Melbourne.

As part of the Modern World and Australian Unit, the students study a unit on Immigration to Australia, Post World War II, and the roll it has played in developing Australia’s multi-cultural society. The main assessment task of the unit is a source based assignment on the differences various ethnic groups experienced migrating to Australia, especially focusing on the Vietnamese experience. Therefore the purpose of the visit was to help with their research on these topics and to enable the students to have better insight into Australia’s colourful Immigration history.

WP_20160422_10_49_06_ProUpon arriving at the museum the students started an “Immigrations Pathway” self-guided tour, which allowed the students to discover Australia’s Immigration history at their own pace. Learning about the different stories of wide range of migrants to these shores over the past several centuries. Some students even managed to enjoy a game of chess aboard a passenger steamship.

The second part of the visit to the museum involved the students researching information for their SAC and being involved in some hands on exhibitions; such as the passport test, citizens quiz and immigration voyages. Finally concluding the excursion at the Vietnamese in Australia exhibition before getting the train home.

Overall an educational and interesting day was had by all.


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