Western Edge Youth Theatre Makes an Impact at Braemar College

Braemar College Drama students in Years 9 to 12, and Year 12 English Literature students were recently treated to a visit from Western Edge Youth Theatre with a performance of Shakespeare inspired production, Iago.

The play addressed the issue of male violence against women, and promoted respectful relationships.

Iago is a modern language adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello set in a rat-infested gym.

Frankie Russ in Year 11 said, “I really liked the way they put everything together and made it contemporary.

It was based on Othello, and was done in a really interesting way with the way they set it, and all the characters were different from what you would expect normal Shakespeare characters to be like.”

Frankie said that the themes of the play revisited discussions at Braemar College in Year 9 about respectful relationships.


Western Edge Youth Theatre Company

One of the aspects of Iago that had the most impact on Frankie was, “the way you think Iago is a nice person and that all of a sudden changes.”

Frankie said it made her think about the repercussions of falling for someone you think is right for you, but isn’t.

Another thing Frankie enjoyed about the performance was the transformation of the characters. “There might only be one thing that changed in a scene, like a hat.”

“The actors did all the special effects with their mouths and it created a really good soundscape around us. “

Western Edge Youth Theatre’s production of Iago was enjoyed by all who attended.


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