Luna Park a Test of Physics Skills

Every year the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) runs an annual event where they book out Luna Park for Year 12 Physics students.

IMG_5852 Our Braemar College students really enjoyed this event last term.

The excursion addressed a number of areas of the curriculum including “Motion in one and two dimensions” for Unit 3 of the VCE Physics Study Design.

Braemar students were invited to test the shifting g-forces on their Luna Park rides.

Some of the rides our students enjoyed were the over 100 year old Scenic Railway roller-coaster, Dodgem Cars, the Enterprise (spins them around vertically), the Pirate Ship and the Top Drop (drops them from high in the air).WP_20160303_12_46_08_ProWP_20160303_10_56_52_Pro

While there, the students collected data and completed specific physics calculations in order to determine the properties of the rides. This was done in a workbook created from AIP worksheets.WP_20160303_12_28_58_Pro WP_20160303_12_41_08_Pro WP_20160303_11_35_33_Pro WP_20160303_11_08_39_Pro

Year 12 Physics teacher, Daniel Horvat said,

“This excursion allows the students to feel and witness the forces and motion that I have talked about in class. It also allows them to apply many of the formulas to a real life scenario.”



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