Top Designs Success

Top Designs is an annual exhibition at Melbourne Museum presenting work created by students who completed VCE Media, Product Design and Technology, Food and Technology, Systems Engineering, Visual Communication Design and VCE VET Interactive Digital Media.

Exhibits include garments and articles using fibre, yarn and fabric, graphic and product design, short films (also shown in Top Screen), interactive media, print layout, photography, food product planning, mechanical and electronic projects. Works are accompanied by folios and design plans comprising work briefs, client feedback and evaluation.

Conor Jamieson, who completed Year 12 at Braemar College in 2015, was selected for Top Designs for the second year in a row. He says that “Top Designs is very achievable if you really put in the work.”

IMG_8999Exhibitors whose work was selected for 2016 attended an opening ceremony  in the foyer of the Melbourne Museum.

They were spoken to by an industry professional working on car designs for Ford, an interesting and inspiring speech about the career paths being in Top Designs can lead to.

Conor says, “it was once again incredibly amazing to see my work on display there. Having work in the Viscom section rather than film was a completely different experience.”
Conor’s film was selected for Top Designs in 2015.
Conor says, “In my opinion, having your work selected for Viscom is a lot more competitive than film, due to the much larger number of students who study it. So I was already overwhelmed being selected for Viscom, a subject I’d had a lot less experience in than when I studied Media.
On top of that, it was very different having my work constantly on display, in comparison to my media work which was part of a rotation of 16 films. I ended up spending most of the night watching people look at my work, and seeing how they reacted to it, something that’s both really informative and fun to do.

It was also an awesome experience to meet other creatives who are interested in the same things, or reconnect with some of the co-ordinators of Top Designs who recognised me from last time.”

Once again, we congratulate Conor on his fantastic Top Designs achievements.


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