Tuckshop/Canteen Updates

HOT CHIPS – only available on WEDNESDAY, not on Fridays any more.

SUSHI – available to purchase on THURSDAY (if sufficient demand). Need to order 1 week in advance at the Tuckshop. Cost $6.00 for 2 hand rolls, sauce sachets 30c

LUNCH ORDERS – please follow the procedures below. Friday is an extremely busy lunch order day and we ask for your support in completing the order correctly.

1.     Write clearly on a clean, new paper bag (insulated lunch bags okay) with a dark pen.

2.     State full name and class eg Mickey Mouse 5Z

3.     Specify size, flavour and price, eg Large Strawberry Big M $3.70

4.     Write Total amount of the order on the bag and amount of money enclosed.

5.     Place the correct amount of money inside the bag, (do not stick to outside)

6.     Bag to be placed in the order box at reception or tuckshop by end of recess.

STUDENTS FORGETTING LUNCH – if you require your child to use the tuckshop due to forgetting their lunch then please contact the cafeteria on 54279139 to organise this. Money is to be owed and paid in full the next day. If NO lunch emergency – students should see their Year Level Leader.


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