Braemar College – Interim Reports

We are delighted that we are able to provide interim reports electronically for the first time.

The three point reporting scale utilised in the interim reports is designed to be a snapshot at a point in time. The achievement outcome is measured against the standards in the relevant Australian Curriculum. If you require more details on this, please contact your child’s Year Level Leader.

Reports will be available for parents to access via the parent portal of SEQTA from  today, Tuesday 29 March. The SEQTA portal you need to connect to is:

Parents have all been provided with the ability to log into SEQTA. Some parents have not yet accessed the College’s new learning management system and we strongly encourage you to do so. SEQTA provides a vital conduit for communication between staff, students and parent communities.

Should you require assistance accessing your child’s Term 1 report, please contact Mr Lance Ryan in the second week of the school holidays: or tel 5427 9112. Mr Ryan will be able to access your child’s report and guide you through the process.


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