Year 7 Exeat Week Update – Total Fire Ban Tomorrow

Braemar College will be closed on Tuesday 23 February due to a Total Fire Ban. The usual morning / afternoon buses will not run as scheduled.

The EXEAT program for Year 7 students has been adjusted with students’ safety in mind. Please note the following:

Day Program (7D and 7E),

The only variation to this program relates to the highway bus pick-ups and drop-offs. Year 7D and Year 7E students will be picked up by bus tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at the same location they were dropped off this evening (Monday).

Morning Bus Pick-up Times – Tuesday:

8:00am            Staff & Parent Helpers – arrive Woodend Clock Tower

8:15am            Students – Woodend Clock Tower

8:25am            Macedon Caravan Park

8:35am            Gardiners Garage, Gisborne

9:00am            Boardman Stadium, Sunbury

Afternoon Bus Drop-Off Times – Tuesday:

3:00pm            Bus departs Westgate Stadium

4:00pm            Boardman Stadium, Sunbury

4:25pm            Gardiners Garage, Gisborne

4:35pm            Macedon Caravan Park

4:45pm            Clock Tower, Woodend

Camp Program (7A, 7B, 7C)

The Anglesea program has been modified so that all participants will be involved in beach-based activities for the day. Mrs Ros Shipp, Head of Middle School, will be with the students in Anglesea and will monitor weather conditions throughout the day.


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