Braemar College House Swimming Carnival Tomorrow

The Year 5 to 12 Braemar College House Swimming Carnival will take place at the Sunbury Aquatic Centre, Ligar Street, Sunbury tomorrow. The carnival will commence at 8.30am and conclude at 4.00pm.


As limited canteen facilities are available at the pool during the day, students need to bring their lunch, snacks and plenty of drinking water.

If a Total Fire Ban is declared on the day, the program will run as all students will be off-site and in the one location.


Students are required to have the following items:
*  Hat
*  Sunscreen
*  House T-Shirt
*  Bathers and towel
*  House swimming cap (available at the Braemar Uniform Shop)


All buses will depart the Sunbury Aquatic Centre at 4.00pm.

There will be an altered bus timetable.

The bus will arrive at some stops up to 30 minutes earlier.  All students are allocated to their normal bus. The buses will run later in the afternoon as well.

Parents/students should check the timetable carefully for changes that will affect them.

Please click on the link below for details of the altered timetable.

Braemar College Bus Timetable for Swimming Wednesday 10 February 2016

Any student wishing to leave directly from the Sunbury Aquatic Centre at the end of the day is required to bring a signed note from their parent/guardian, which must be shown to the relevant Head of House.

Queries about buses should be directed to Mrs Vivienne James at the College: or to Organs Coaches: Tel 5422 1788.

Parents and guardians are welcome to attend the Carnival.



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