Nepal 2015 – The Trip So Far

Update from Russell 25 November

“All good at the school for our farewell program. We are Looking forward to the start of the walk. But very sad to leave the school.”

Lucy’s broadcast from Ghat School

Update from Russell

“Great welcome at the school. Dancing, tea and we played the recorders and sang the kookaburra song. The village is alive with the sounds of the recorders as the students head home. Carried sand today. Gathering materials for the new library and computer lab. Everyone is well.”

Broadcast from Ghat School

Lat+27.727133 Lon+086.713933 Alt +4071 m (5s ago) 22-Nov-2015 09:29:21 UTC


The group arrived in Lukla. “All well. Clear skies. Beautiful Day.”

Lat+27.688400 Lon+086.730533 Alt +2846 m (44s ago) 22-Nov-2015 04:05:41 UTC


On Friday night, our Nepal travellers departed from Tullamarine airport.

Ric Clay took these photos:IMG_5208IMG_5209IMG_5212

Today we received our first radio broadcast from the group. We hope you enjoy it.


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