Middle School – End of Year Dates

Friday 4 December (PE uniform) This is a project day where all students will select a day long project to be involved in. This will be based on interest not on age. Students will work with other students across all age groups to complete a project. Students will be provided with specific details this week.

Monday 7 December (PE uniform) year level excursions. All year levels will be off campus at different venues involved in activities. Specific information regarding requirements for this day will be forwarded by Year Level Leaders next week. 

Tuesday 8 December (casual clothes) is ‘Step Up day’ Students will spend the day in their classes and undertake a program for their year level in 2016. On this day we will be welcoming all new students from Years 5-9 to the College. Casual clothes appropriate for sport with runners, BBQ lunch provided but please bring morning tea and other food for the day. Water bottle and hat essential.

Wednesday 9 December (formal uniform with Christmas hats or decorated hair) last day. Students will be involved in Year level and class celebrations concluding with a final assembly at 2.00pm. Parents are welcome to attend. Students will have a Christmas lunch together.
Please do not provide any home cooked food, only food with packaging labels and NO NUTS

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