Careers – Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia


Certificate 111 in Design Fundamentals CUV30311

The VET Certificate 111 in Design Fundamentals is offered at Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia for senior school students with a choice of one of three focus streams; Fashion Visualisation, Interior Visualisation or Creative Direction Visualisation.

The course enables students to prepare a professionally presented creative portfolio. This can be used for gaining competitive access into further creative and design studies.

About Whitehouse Institute of Design

Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia sees design as positioned at the forefront of rapid and ongoing change in industry, commerce and all aspects of social and community life. In a world of constant flux, education provides a valuable key to innovation, adaptability, personal growth and professional sustainability.

Whitehouse Institute creates and sustains a unique learning environment. This is intentionally designed to induct students into studio practice, working individually, in groups and teams to prepare motivated and reflective practitioners for careers in design and related industries.

Courses focus on creative development through drawing, design and fabrication, together with an appreciation of the importance of design history and aesthetics, in addition to enhanced visual, verbal, written and interpersonal communication. Underpinning this is a commitment to collaboration and shared diligence from staff and students in progressively acquiring the essential specialist insights, design skills and knowledge required to work as a professional designer in a range of creative and technical roles in industry.

More information is available at the Whitehouse Institute of design Australia website.


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